Guggenheim museum (Helsinki, 2014)







This project for the Helsinki Guggenheim Design Competition try to valued all of the project strategic keypoints :

 1:  historical and social insertion in the Helsinki town,

 2: linking Tahtitorninmäki park and urban center by the project cultural site

 3:  give to the Guggenheim  a hight architectural, spacial and social value

1) The construction is intelligently   embedded in the historical town’s geometry

Capturing the historical center through its open form, the Guggenheim museum is design as a new island among the islands and fosters social interaction and exchanges of impressions among visitors  set on a large esplanade

turn to the Helsinki center

guggenheim helsinki schoeller 2

1-As an iceberg emerging and contrasting with the orthogonal shapes of the buildings, the site becomes emblematic of Helsinki.

The project, in its built-in area, is in harmony with the urban grid of Helsinki , matching its block size (104 meters).  In this way, perspectives of the sea from the city’s main axis ( streets) are enhance and preserved.

The project is inserted into the site according to the viewpoints between three noteworthy buildings of Helsinki’s town; The project preserves the views of the Upsenkin’s cathedral and of the Helsinki’s cathedral from the Tahtitorninmäki park.

2- A bridge coming from the Tahtitorninmäki park wrap the project sheltering the dining services and the performance conference room on the  seashore. This bridge accross the Laivasillankatu street and the new harbour road and descend pour rejoindre l’esplanade devant le projet. On this project’s green terrace, the pedestrians and visitors brought to 13 meter high up will

appreciate the historical and harbour’s panorama laying on the golf of Finland. guggenheim-helsinki-schoeller

This exceptional point of view will be also a key point of the future project as a privileged exhibition space evolving throughout seasons. It will be an ideal sculpture garden for large exhibitions with views of the site keypoints of Helsinki center (sea, Tahtitorninmäki park,historic town centre). The harbour cafe and restaurant with their open-air terraces are set along the sea  on the way from Makasiiniterminaali to the downtown Helsinki.

The wooden Flexible Performance/Conference hall, the cafe and the museum’s store are independant which allow different opening hours

guggeneim-richard-schoeller guggenheim-schoeller-esquisse

3- Our different concepts design for the Guggenheim project:

– an organization of space intuitive and readily understandable

 to facilitate the visitor’s mobility throughout the museum

– an urban space open to everyone


– the project as a boomerang, stimulating interactions back and forth among art and visitors, town

– a form simple qui permette de repondre à ces concepts et aux exigences du programme en créant un interieur de  high quality spatial  for the Guggenheim throughout multiple circulation pathways foster social interaction and exchanges of impressions among visitors.  For this reason the space is smoothly spread

The project will be a comfortable cocoon warmed by a biodynamic light ceiling 

Large spaces are available for activities where double height spaces dialogue with the multipurpose  créant  tension and  dynamic

The last floor offer privileged office space for conferences, meetings and workshops with a large terrace.

The art loading dock leads directly to the exhibition spaces, allowing a direct delivery of new art works and collection storage throught a platform lift